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"My Kingdom for a Horse"  Images of Horses by Japanese artist Katsunori Hamanishi visit Davie Florida

3 Horses (close-up)
 © 2008 Katsunori Hamanishi

Where: Art & Frame and The Williams Gallery

Dates:  Saturday June 5 through Saturday July10, 2010

Opening: Saturday June 5, 2010  3:00 – 5:00 PM (free to the public)

6099  Stirling Rd Suite 107
Davie, FL 33314

(Triangle Professional Building)

Phone: (954) 533-3974
Email: fineartandframes@earthlink.net

Gallery Hours:
Mon. -  Sat.  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

 © 2006 Katsunori Hamanishi


About the Show:
“Three Horses” is one of the recent mezzotints by Japan printmaker Katsunori Hamanishi. A new element of an ongoing series of windows is in the addition of images of horses from in a window/barn structure. One of Hamanishi’s earlier window prints “Window #1” is part of the permanent collection of the Morikami Museum in Florida.

The subjects of Hamanishi’s work embody traditional Japanese symbol and images combined with a contemporary interpretation. The brilliance of gold leaf, the subtle quality of mica dust and the refined texture of the mezzotint process lends a magical quality to his prints.

About the Artist
Katsunori Hamanishi: Like the surrealistic paintings of Dali and Magritte, Hamanishi's mezzotints combine nature and abstraction. Born in Hokkaido, Hamanishi studied painting and graduated from Tokai University with degree in Art in 1973 and next studied at the University of Pennsylvania on a grant from the Cultural Affairs Agency, 1987-88. He has won  numerous prizes for his work, including the Ibiza International Print Biennial, the Grenchen International Triennial in Switzerland and the Valparaiso International Exhibition in Chile.

 Now living in the Tokyo area, Hamanishi’s primary focus is printmaking. His works are in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum and the MOMA in New York; the Art Institute, Chicago; the Library of Congress, DC; The Morikami Museum, Florida; Taipei Fine Arts National Museum; Krakow National Museum; Osaka National Museum of Art and others. In September 2004 he was honored in a two-man show along with venerated mezzotint artist Yozo Hamani at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, where he presented a demonstration of his own techniques.

The Fine Art of the Mezzotint:
Few contemporary artist have the time and patience to rock a plate with a mezzotint rocker long enough to produce the velvety black impression so characteristic of the best work. Hamanishi explains: "It is patience that is necessary to produce the jet-black texture peculiar to mezzotint; the foundation of infinite tones from black to white. This is similar to the grounding of an oil painting before the image is applied. To prepare the copper plates may take 10 to 13 hours using a process called burring.
A comb-like tool is rocked methodically, vertically, horizontally and diagonally over the plate until it is completely covered with impressions made by its teeth. It is after the plate is burred that the drawing of the image into the prepared surface begins".

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