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Fine Art from Japan

Woodblock / Calligraphs by Yoshikatsu Tamekane

Prayer © 2012 Yoshikatsu Tamekane

Where: Art & Frame and The Williams Gallery

Dates:  Saturday April 18, 2014 through June 13, 2015  

Opening event April 18, 1:00 - 5:00 PM (free to the public, parking in rear)

6099  Stirling Rd Suite 107
Davie, FL 33314

(Triangle Professional Building)

Phone: (954) 533-3974
Email: fineartandframes@earthlink.net

Gallery Hours:
Mon. -  Sat.  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Relationship © 2011 Yoshikatsu Tamekane


YOSHIKATSU TAMEKANE is known for his technical prowess combined with a unique mystical aesthetic and vision. Tamakane is essentially a woodblock printer, but adds texture to his images using calligraphic techniques. Within his work the artistís combination of traditional woodblock techniques with contemporary themes is reflected in his statement: "I savor the past and also look forward to the future as a time of hope and advancement for the human spirit."

The use handmade papers and water-based ink that allow him to manipulate light as deftly as any impressionist. His prints are bold, iconic expressions of the concepts the artist seeks to visualize. The passage of time, travel, special relationships, and the miracle of life are all subjects of his works.  His images combine landscape, geometry, evocative organic forms, and a controlled use of color and texture into eye-catching images that capture the imagination.

Born in 1959, Yoshikatsu Tamekane studied at Sokei Academy of Fine Arts in Tokyo. From 1991 to 1994 he lived in Paris while studying art at the Musee díOrsay, the Louvre and the Centre Pompidou. He is a member of the Japan Print Association and has shown ten consecutive years in the prestigious CWAJ Print Show.  In 2006 his work ďA Winter MemoryĒ became part of the permanent collection of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida and in 2014 "A Winters  Dream" was added to the Museumís collection.

This is an on-going exhibition of national and international artists represented by Art & Frame and The Williams Gallery of Fine Art.

 Gallery Statement:
"Our international collection of fine art focuses on artists from Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States. We work directly with the artists featured in our gallery to ensure that the artwork we carry is of the finest quality. We strive to learn as much as possible about the artist and to follow his/her career and development. Each piece of artwork has a story.  We do our best to know and to understand the nature of the work, the artist's philosophy in creating it, and the way it fits into the art world as a whole."  Mary Lou Bock/Curator ©2015 


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