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3rd Anniversary Art Exhibit

Bock Gallery celebrates its third year in its Plantation location, The Fountains Shoppes of Distinction. It is also the 3rd year celebration for Eleanor Eileen Bock, born 9/98, whose paintings will be on display along with gallery artists

Bock Gallery’s alternative exhibition space features the work of local artists including Osvaldo Araya, Kent Plank and Naomi Rosen, Cynthia Lechan-Goodman and Flo Lowe in unoccupied store fronts throughout the shopping center.

Exhibit at Bock Gallery

The Fountains Shoppes of Distinction
801 S. University Dr. #C-109, Plantation, FL 33324

Contact William Bock
tel: 954-915-8887


Gallery Hours:
Mon. -  Sat.  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Clown Fish 2001 William Bock

About the Artwork:

William Bock - William Bock’s expressive paintings focus on the natural beauty of both seascape and landscape and the myriads of creatures that inhabit them. A resident of South Florida, he holds an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Mr. Bock has a comprehensive exhibition record in both galleries and museums, and is well represented in numerous prestigious collections including AT&T, Allstate, Squib and the U.S. Embassy Bahamas. He is included in the Blue Book of American Artists.

Susumo Endo is an acknowledged pioneer of digital printmaking. His zen-like lithographs of digitally manipulated photographs are included in major museums worldwide including the British Museum, The National Museum of Warsaw, (Poland), The Museum of Contemporary Graphic Art, (Norway), and the Shibuya Shoto Art Museum, (Japan). His exhibition record is staggering with hundreds of exhibits in dozens of countries. Endo is one of the most important pioneering artists of the emerging digital age.

Yoshikatsu Tamekane - Yoshikatsu Tamekane’s vivid wood cut prints are a striking example of a new era in Japanese printmaking that blends traditional and abstract elements with time honored technique to produce a work that is both powerful and timeless. This Nishinomiya City-born artist is one of Japans most exciting emerging artists. His work is included in many prominent collections including the New South Wales State Museum, (Australia), the National Library of France, and The Agency for Cultural Affairs, (Tokyo). Tamekane has exhibited extensively internationally in Japan, Poland, France, Yugoslovia and USA.

 Roman Verostko, artist and educator, began integrating personal computers with his studio work around 1982. In March of 1986, at the MCAD Centennial Faculty Show, he exhibited his Magic Hand of Chance, his first self generating sequence of visual improvisations. The following year he focused his software on creating pen plotted drawings and achieved the world’s first software-driven “brushed” strokes using oriental brushes mounted on his pen plotter (1987). By adding a network of several pen plotters that he views as “scribes”, his studio emerges as an information age digital scriptorium.

Recipient of the Golden Plotter First Prize (1994, Gladbeck, Germany) and an Ars Electronica honorable mention (1993) his work has been exhibited in major art and technology exhibitions on four continents including “Genetic Art and Artificial Life” (Linz, 1993) and the ARTEC 1995 Biennial (Nagoya, Japan).

Eric Polise reaches in the deepest corners of the mind to extract the denizen that haunt the psyche. This South Florida artist works in oils using muted earth tones and bold brush work. His work has been regularly exhibited in South Florida art galleries and in alternative exhibitions including the Ft. Lauderdale Hortt Exhibition, and the South Florida Literacy and Art Competition.

Maribel Cabrera Martin has exhibited internationally and focuses on the flowing movements and vibrant colors of dancers. Her compositions are set within frameworks of rectilinear abstract windows creating a relationship between the decorative painted surfaces of her work and the figures that are represented within. 

Silvia Villanueva This southwestern-raised artist uses the figure and its component parts to evoke emotions in the viewer and she uses the symbol of a heart to convey emotional responses. The modeled contours of the nude figure bring her pencil drawings to life. Her style is both moving and joyful as she attempts to capture the essence of life in her work. Her artwork, previously only available in the South West, is a welcome addition to our local art scene.

Michael Kryszak is a South Florida artist who is talented in both the creation of jewelry and in the making of exotic hardwood boxes. His sinuous jewelry is a blend of hand-worked sterling silver and semi-precious stones in the form of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and chains. His Art Boxes, are meticulously crafted containers composed of rare and beautiful woods. Kryszak has exhibited in several venues from art galleries to charity auctions.

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