Sausalito Art Festival

Williams Gallery to attend to search for new talent

The Williams Gallery of Fine Art will be sending a representative to the Sausalito Art Festival to search for new talent, in particular artists involved in computer art and the Computer art pavilion. Gallery Rep. Jonathan Bock is involved in both the art world and the computer industry. Jon is a strong advocate of computer generated art as a valid art form, as expressed in the following quote.

"Computer art has been challenged as an art form in a manner similar to Photography at the beginning of the twentieth century. Although many are skeptical that a sophisticated technical device like a computer can be used to create art, it is clear to those that use computers in the creation of their work that it is a powerful tool for realizing a creative vision. The computer is capable of assisting the artist with complex tasks, allowing the artist to concentrate on a grand vision, rather than on tedious details of the art process. The use of computers has exploded into almost every creative discipline. In the last twenty years computers have radically changed the nature of film making, commercial printing, publishing, and the arts. Not only has the computer enhanced traditional methods of artistic expression, it has allowed animation and interactivity to become major elements of contemporary creative works. "

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Sausalito Art Festival Information
"The 45th annual Sausalito Art Festival, the top-rated fine arts festival on the West Coast, will be held throughout Labor Day Weekend along the scenic northern Sausalito waterfront. The festival will be open August 30 & 31, 9:am - 6:pm, and Monday, September 1, 9:am to 5:pm. 60,000 visitors will see the work of 220 juried fine artists from the United States and abroad. Highlights include over 14,000 original works of art, three stages featuring top name entertainment and children's theater."

History of the Sausalito art festival
By Benjamin Train
"Sausalito has been a focal point for artists since the first weekend painters arrived by sailboat from San Francisco in the early 1800s. Sausalito was a major ship building site during World War II. Thousands of workers built the famed Liberty ships along the northern waterfront. Streets names like Gate 5 and Gate 6 Road still grace northern Sausalito's waterfront. With the end of the war in 1945, the idle waterfront became a magnet for poets, writers, artists and film makers throughout the world. The Sausalito waterfront-with its vacant, spacious, postwar industrial buildings, retired paddle wheel ferries, a serene, yet rustic waterfront and growing houseboat colony, all helped create a haven for a bustling artists' community. The growing camaraderie of native born and newcomer artists created the foundation for the festival. The artists staged their first festival on Shell Beach, September 6, 1952, in conjunction with a salmon festival and regatta."

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