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Williams Gallery West Press Release

Opening May 21st 2004

Trip 2000

 New Work by Jonathan Bock

         "Trip 2000" presents a series of limited edition prints inspired by a three month journey through Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand in the year 2000.  Determined to end the 20th Century with a bang, Bock chose three countries he had always wanted to visit, and set out to learn as much as possible about the cultures and the state of the arts in each country.  He describes the journey as a "trip of a lifetime" that profoundly influenced his understanding of the world, and of the international art scene.  The images combine the artist's skills as a photographer, printmaker, and computer artist, resulting in a body of work that includes elements of all three mediums.  The artist states; "My goal is to present the viewer with a series of images that reflect the art and culture of each country, and at the same time speak about how the journey affected me as an artist and as a person."

          Jonathan Bock is a career artist with a lifetime passion for the visual arts.  Classically trained as a printmaker, he has always been drawn to experimenting with new processes and techniques. His artwork includes drawing, printmaking, photography, film and video animation, and ten years as a computer artist and art director in the computer game industry.  Bock received a Bachelors Degree in fine art and art history from Indiana University in 1984, and a Masters Degree in animation from California Institute of the Arts in 1989. Born in the suburbs of Chicago in 1960, Bock moved to Oregon in 1984, where he fell in love with the wide-open spaces of the West Coast.  He currently resides in Oakhurst California just outside Yosemite National Park, where he owns and operates Williams Gallery West.


          "The artists I admire are the ones who have contributed to the way the world is seen through their vision.  To me, great artists are innovators, expanding and evolving human consciousness.  The images I create reflect my interest in imagination, culture, and communication.  I am intrigued by things that can be thought or experienced, but not necessarily seen.  Images of fantasy, dream imagery, spiritual and folkloric subjects, and visualizing music are recurring themes in my work.  My interest in science, philosophy, and nature is strong.  Animals, the environment, and the interrelationship between all things are important sources of ideas for me. "

    Gallery Info  

Williams Gallery West focuses on American and International fine art, folk art, vintage prints, photography, jewelry, pottery, and art glass, and features a number of special exhibitions each year.  The gallery is located at 40680 Highway 41 in Oakhurst, just North of Days Inn.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, Noon to 6 PM, and by appointment.

Williams Gallery West

40680 Highway 41

Oakhurst, CA 93644

phone (559) 683-5551


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