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Urban Landscapes:  Recent Works by Uri Dotan, Robert Linton Ewens, and David Scott Leibowitz

An exhibit focusing on interpretations of the city, night and day, by four artists employing both traditional and digital mediums to create their images.

Phone & Dish, New Jersey 1997 Robert Ewens

Exhibit at The Williams Gallery & Pringle International Art

8 Chambers Street, Princeton NJ
Mary Lou Bock & Debbie R. Pringle, Curators

June 11 - July 10, 1999

Hours: Tues. - Sat., 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM & by appointment.

DKNY 1996  David Leibowitz

Embrace 1995
 Uri Dotan

Uri Dotan
In his most recent digital paintings Dotan incorporates images from his immediate surroundings both inside and outside his New York studio. United by a common "line" structure with a powerful "urban" feel, the works are both dichotomous and harmonious in turn - playful, and serious, unorthodox and traditional, romantic and conceptual, sensual and aesthetic " Born and educated in Israel with a strong background in anthropology, artist Dotan transports us into our own futures by creating artwork that portrays the "impact of technology on human evolution".

"Dotan's work bears a relationship to traditional forms of painting and sculpture, which means we know we are looking at a work of art, not just an adequate design. He has used the medium or tools in the service of what he wishes to portray and not as ends in themselves (especially important in the new digital art).  He has expressed an original vision that is not derivative of other people's work.  And lastly, what I used to call "light within" a painting is accomplished here by a certain luminosity or 'life' in each of his works".

Sherry Miller, art critic and curator

Robert Linton Ewens
began photographing in his teens but started in earnest in the early 1980’s. His career with a communications company affords him the opportunity to take his camera with him abroad as well as throughout the United States. Although he lives and works in New Jersey his images reflect a universal awareness and appeal. His photographs are made with medium and large-format cameras. All are printed on Kodak Elite paper, toned with selenium and archivally processed. In the current exhibit "Urban Landscapes" the focus is on night visions of urban industrial images. Ewens says:

EWENS2.JPG (7661 bytes) "Although many of my photographs may seem stark and lonely, they are full of people: people in the buildings, people who build the machines and the buildings: people who inhabit the places. Most important, there are people who have gone home to their well lit houses and left their daytime world for me to explore in the night"
Images 1997 Robert Ewens
EWENS3.JPG (6822 bytes)

David Scott Leibowitz,
New Jersey photographer and digital artist, brings over twenty years of fascination with photography, video art and experimental film making. His exploration of the painterly photograph began in the mid-seventies, when he utilized various darkroom techniques for printing photographs shot with slow shutter speed, and physically altered the emulsion of Polaroid SX-70 film. His "Photo-Impressions" were widely shown and published, and for over a decade, he was considered one of the masters of this technique. He has risen to his current position as a pioneer in the developing medium of digital image processing.

Currently, Mr. Leibowitz is part of a new generation of artists who are redefining the boundaries of both fine arts and popular culture. His work merges an appreciation for the plastic arts with an affinity for advanced computer technology. Digital tools were a natural progression in his work, as they provided an infinite toolbox with which to create. The resulting body of work shown in this exhibit maintain the painterly esthetic with rich photographic traditions.

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