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A Far Eastern Perspective
Windows to a vibrant culture II

A selection of works by five contemporary artists living and working in Japan

 Etchings, lithographs, cast paper, woodcut/collograph and mezzotint are the among the mediums employed by artists Susumu Endo, Reiko Fujinami, Kenichi Tanaka, Yoshikatsu Tamekane, and  Katsunori Hamanishi

 Division #99 © 2002  Katsunori Hamanishi

© Copyright Susumu Endo

On display in Princeton NJ.

July 26 – August 23, 2002
Opening To Public: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 2– August 4 from
1:00 PM – 7:00 PM & By Appointment
For directions and to RSVP call (609)921-1142

© Yoshikatsu Tamekane

Allers - III © 2001 Reiko Fujinami

"Here"  "There"  © Kenichi Tanaka

ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: Works by five of Japan's most esteemed printmakers, Endo, Fujinami, Hamanishi, Tanaka and Tamekane are on view at the Williams Gallery. Contemporary prints from Japan have received wide recognition internationally, and the artists are the recipients of an extraordinary number of honors and prizes at exhibitions throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia. The current exhibit at The Williams Gallery is a continuing demonstration of the gallery’s interest in Japanese printmaking. A wide collection of work by these innovative printmakers is displayed. Each of the artists has their own unique style and medium. Yet each respects and incorporates the Japanese aesthetic of supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail while simultaneously bringing contemporary techniques and culture into their work. 


Susumu Endo blends photographic and non-photographic processes via computer, mixing the reality of the natural landscape with abstraction to create a singular surrealistic image – a mingling of nature and a space continuum. Born in 1933, Endo came to printmaking by way of graphic design. He uses the computer as a tool to enhance and manipulate his already exquisite photographs and drawings, which are then produced as lithographs.

Reiko Fujinami has been exhibiting her work since 1987 and is the recipient of numerous prizes and awards. She completed her undergraduate work at Creative Art University, Tokyo and her Master Course at Tama Art University, Tokyo. Her most recent work (now on view) is titled "Aller I-IV". The general title of this series of etchings is a French word meaning ‘go to’or ‘reach’. Her classic representation of the human figure is unusual in eastern printmaking. The etchings are done in a scroll-like manner that adds a delicate balance to the human figure.

Like the surrealistic paintings of Dali and Magritte, Katsunori Hamanishi's mezzotints juxtapose nature and abstraction. In "Division - Work No. 75," for example, bold green abstract shapes marked by thin curved lines bump up against fields of rice and grain. Hamanishi's prints are noted for their delicate details and velvety blacks – a result of his mastery of the mezzotint process.

Born in 1954 in Sapporo, Japan Kenichi Tanaka began his art career in Tokyo as a graphic designer and soon extended his talents into fine art printmaking. His earliest works were mainly in the lithography medium, though over the last four years have become increasingly three-dimensional. In the "Here/There" series currently on display, the artist uses a process called cast paper sculpture. Mr. Tanaka is a member of the Tokyo-based International Print Exchange Assoc. He exhibited in the invitational Contemporary Japanese Printmaker show in NY in 1996 and has had a number of one-person exhibitions in Japan.

Born in 1959, Yoshikatsu Tamekane studied at Sokei Academy of Fine Arts in Tokyo. He is a member of the Japan Print Association and has shown seven consecutive years in the prestigious CWAJ Print Show. He is known for his combination of technical prowess with a mystical aesthetic and vision. He frequently adds rich textural qualities, such as silver and gold leaf, to his woodblock images.

"I savor the past and also look forward to the next century as a time of hope and advancement for the human spirit".

Mary Lou Bock, Curator 2002

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