About the Artwork

Joan Truckenbrod

Sensed in the physicality of our body, invisible to one's eye, my artwork imagines form that captures the resonance.  Magic and power emanate  from the unseen, like the animating spirit that reside in our natural environment according to mythology of the American Indians, and other indigenous peoples. To create my early algorithmic images I created my own personal geometry that embodied these animating spirits. Coding was a vehicle for giving form to algebraic formulas that scientifically describes invisible forces such as how light waves reflect off of irregular surfaces.

These symbols reappear in my later images as there is a mapping of mathematical symbols onto a natural ecology, fusing with  layers of leaves and flower petals.  Unfolding in the images is an architecture of social constructs.  The
series is titled "sociotecture" .  This artwork is inspired by the resonance of Gertrude Stein, the unique juxtaposition of process, material, and form of John Cage, the complex compositions of Pierre Boulez, and the unique layering of
sound and text by George Benjamin in his compositon based on the poem "A Long Legged Fly" by Yates.

The objective of my artwork is to embody the ephemeral dimensions of experience to embrace the resonance, the animated spirits residing at the threshold of the emotive material world.

Truckenbrod portfolio

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