Artist and herboligist Gloria Garland, at the back door of the Yosemite National Park Museum Building.
The Museum building houses the valley's Native American Collection, as well as a gallery space for rotating exhibitions.  The museum features Native Californian basketry, clothing, and artifacts, as well as demonstrations of traditional basket weaving and tool making techniques.
Yosemite has been the home of the Miwok Indians for thousands of years.  Outside the Museum is the reconstructed Miwok village of Ahwahnee.  The homes, sweat lodges, and ceremonial round houses built from large strips of cedar bark, are typical of Sierra Indian structures from the 19th century.
Yosemite is the native word for "The place that looks like a big mouth".  Yosemite was the home and refuge of the Miwok indians until the 1890s, when they were finally expelled from their traditional home by the US cavalry.
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