Nature and Cyberspace:

Interpretations of the Still Life & Landscape in Both Traditional & Digital Medium

Gallery Artists, Featuring New Works by Douglas Bock, Susumu Endo, William Chickillo, and Rena Segal

Cardinal in Snow 1990-1997
Douglas Bock

At The Williams Gallery

8 Chambers Sreet, Princeton, NJ

June 24 - August 30, 1997

Summer Hours:
Thur. - Sat. 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM through August 9
August 10 - August 30, open by appointment only.
Closed July 3 - July 9.

About the Artists

Douglas Bock concentrates on photographing birds and other small creatures in their natural environment His cameras include a 35 mm Olympus OM2 and a Nikon F . The limited edition photos are printed on ilfochrome classic paper. A computer systems analyst and resident of Minnesota, Bock has further extended his artistic talent as designer and web-master of The Williams Gallery web-site.

William Chickillo uses oils or watercolor to preserve his impressions of the Delaware Valley and the rich landscape of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. A plein-air painter schooled in the formal tradition, his images are inspired by "the everyday celebration of earth's moods: weather, season, light and color". A recurring theme is his treatment of specific locations during varying times of the year.

Susumu Endo of Japan, combines nature photography with computer manipulation. The resulting photo-lithographs lend a surreal interpretation to natural surroundings, suggestive of the mystery of nature. The main theme of his work is "the relationship of two separate dimensions in space: the real and the imaginary".

Rena Segal transforms and redefines ordinary objects and familiar places in her still lifes and landscapes. Using pastel and/or oil stick her newest renderings of bottles and vessels are vibrant with color and shape, an on-going theme from earlier works executed as black and white studies or drawings. Her paintings of lakes and marshes of the Somerset County area are more subtle in color and interpretation.

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