Art exhibit at the Sanibel Gallery

in conjunction with

The Sanibel Music Festival

New work by William Bock "Natures Gifts" and Hannah Loesser "Portraits Real & Imagined & the Water Series" will be on view

The music festival "Come and Hear the Music Play" offers an open conversation with Jo Sullivan Loesser and Frank Wagner about the life of Frank Loesser - creator of Guys and Dolls, How to Succeed in Business, Hans Christian Anderson....on Friday March 14. On Saturday March 15, Jo Sullivan Loesser performs Music of Frank Loesser. The Loesser/Bock art show will be Friday evening March 14.

Sanibel Gallery
1628 Perwinkle Way
Sanibel Island, Florida

Reception: Friday March 14, 4:30 - 6:00 PM Exhibit runs March 14 - March 31, 1997

About the Artists:
Hannah Loesser, daughter of Frank and Jo Sullivan Loesser, and William Bock, artist and director of the Bock Gallery in Hollywood, Florida have shown together previously at The Williams Gallery of Princeton. Plans for their next joint show to be held in the Hollywood, Florida gallery this season are being made.

For additional information on events and tickets contact:
Mary Lou Bock
(609) 921-1142/
Terry Lilly
phone: (212) 288-5728
fax: (212) 921-3827

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