Show opening at The Williams Gallery

Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture:

New Works by Hannah Loesser, Ruth Velikovsky Sharon & Jerome Collins

When:   October 19 - November 9,  1996
        Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct. 19,  4:00-6:00 PM

Portage, 1996, Jerome Collins

About The Exhibit:

Ruth Sharon's ink drawings and paintings on various surfaces (silk, linen, raffia, board, velour, leather) display a mastery of line, color and pattern in these truly unique works, which at first glance appear whimsical but often embody a deeper level of content and message. She most frequently uses the motifs of human and animal figures, musical instruments, and the architecture of the mid-east, in intriguing and often unlikely juxtaposition. She says, "I am interested in the way the shapes lead into each other, both on the canvas and in the heart". The overall effects are amusing, artistically satisfying, and thought-provoking.

Hannah Loesser has continued her striking work in portraiture, and extended her vision to include a series of figural works drawn from the graceful postures made possible in the environment of the underwater world. She continues to combine diverse media, sometimes adding highlights and interest through collage. Her line drawing is particularly striking, and a dramatic use of color adds impact to the total composition. In contrast to the often aggressive portraits of her "Rock Star" series, the new works display a more serene side of her character, and her feeling for the human form.

Jerome Collins's striking bronzes are representative of his interest in the human spirit, fantasy, primitive art and mythology. Ranging from 12 inches to 10 feet in height, they are often patined in colors which lend an overall warmth and originality to the medium of bronze. He says, "I try to represent the idea of the human spirit rather than to define the actual appearance of the human anatomy. For inspiration, I sometimes look to primitive art...however, I am more interested in re-creating the vital forces invested in the work than simply borrowing its formal elements". In his most recent sculpture there is a new energy and refinement that may in part be attributed to his total control of the artistic process at his own atelier.

About the Artists:

Ruth Velikovsky Sharon , artist, author and prominent psychotherapist, was born in Jerusalem and has been a resident of Princeton since 1955. She earned her masters degree in Arts and Crafts from NYU and her doctorate in Psychology from the Union Graduate School where she wrote her doctoral dissertation: "Modern Psychoanalytic Approach to Art Therapy". She taught arts and crafts to Princeton children at the Sharon Studio from 1955-77 and authored and illustrated two volumes of Arts and Crafts the Year Round, published in 1965. Sharon's works are in many private collections and were included in the juried show Artists of NJ, and in one woman shows at the Artisian, Gallery 100, Susuki Gallery, Full House and The Pen and Brush in NYC. This well be her third exhibit at the Williams Gallery.

Hannah Loesser: A Manhattan resident and graduate of Marymount Manhattan College in New York in 1984, she has also studied painting, drawing, the techniques and practice of Chinese painting and graphic arts at the Arts Student League, the China Institute, and the National Academy of Design. Hannah has used her talents and training in assisting with art therapy for retarded children at the Kennedy Study Center and the New York City Council on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She has exhibited in New York City Galleries, the Hamptons, and The Williams Gallery of Princeton. Her work is in many private collections.

Jerome Collins: A resident of Baltimore Maryland, Jerry Collins earned his MFA in sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1980. He subsequently worked in the Johnson Atelier in Princeton, and was studio technician at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore. For the past two years he has maintained his private atelier in Baltimore. His work is included in the collections of Johnson & Johnson, the Federal Reserve Board, and C-Tec Corporation, as well as in many private collections throughout the United States and Europe. He has been represented and exhibited by the The Williams Gallery since 1989. His work may also be seen in the Bock Gallery of Hollywood, Florida.

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