Show opening at The Williams Gallery

Altered Photographs & Alternative Locations:

New works by David Scott Leibowitz

An exhibition of computer altered and enhanced photographs being shown simultaneously in four locations: The Williams Gallery, Princeton; Rene's Gallery, Soho, NYC; Bock Gallery, Hollwood, Florida; And here on the internet as "Featured Artist" in October
Schedule of exhibits and hours:

The Williams Gallery - September 27 - October 12:  

Bock Gallery         - September 27 - October 19:
1904a Hollywood Blvd.  Tues - Sat 11-5
Hollywood Fl.

Rene's Gallery       - October 5-25
147 Wooster St,        Tues - Sat 11-6
Soho, NY:

Kick-off-opening & Reception:
Rene's  Gallery, Soho/NY:  Saturday October 5
6:00-8:00 pm (open to the public)
About the exhibit and the artist:

David Scott Leibowitz states, "This years exhibition, my sixteenth annual fall solo show, is, as always, a reflection of my life this past year. There are photographs of locations I've worked in, people I've met, places I've traveled through, assignments I've worked on. The unifying force of the show is a refined vision created by altering my captured images."

Leibowitz brings over twenty years of fascination with photography, video art and experimental filmaking to his current position as a pioneer in the developing medium of digital image processing. Mr. Leibowitz is part of a new generation of artists who are redefining the boundaries of both fine art and popular culture. Having come of age during the information revolution, his work merges an appreciation for the plastic arts with an affinity for advanced computer technology.

His interest in the alteration of the traditional photographic image began with his manipulation of Polaroid SX-70 film in 1977 . He has pursued his personal interest in creating a new visual language through the use of photography, videography, and collage assembled on a Macintosh platform. "The image is the most important aspect of the process" Leibowitz says. " I start with my color and composition - a mechanical representation of reality - and turn it into something that that works on the viewer like a dream or make a place feel warm and beautiful." This medium has become known as Photo-Impressionism and has been shown in an annual Soho exhibit for the past thirteen years; at The Williams Gallery of Princeton and their gallery web-site since 1995; in a number of museum shows, and is included in the corporate art collections of IBM, Philip Morris, Janssen Pharmaceutica and C- Tec Corporation as well as numerous private collections.

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