Salon Show

Gallery Artists, and Introducing Paintings by Tanya Kohn (Mexico) and Digital Art by Charlotte Landgraf (Germany) & Michael Berger (USA)

At The Williams Gallery

8 Chambers Street,  Princeton, NJ

November 19, 1996 - January 18, 1997*

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 5:00 & by appointment

*  (December 20 - January 8:  Closed for the Holidays)

About the Art

The current exhibit presents a view of the diversity of content, style and mediums used by artists today, contrasting traditional and high tech techniques and tools. Displaying a variety of images including traditional paintings (Kohn ), computer manipulated photographs, (Berger), digital prints (Landgraf), marble sculpture (Waterman), as well as works of other gallery artists, the show offers an opportunity for comparison rarely available in a single venue.

About the artists

MICHAEL BERGER is an artist fascinated with the creative opportunities that new technologies offer. As one of the inventors of Polaroid Corporation's 35mm instant slide film, Berger has had experience in blending art and science to create new images as well as new imaging systems. For years, Berger used camera and darkroom techniques to evoke impressionism. Today he has added digital paint to his palette, allowing him to explore new approaches to imaging. He has lectured throughout the US and internationally on his very personal approach to imaging. He states, "The impressionist painters took advantage of the new technologies of the late 1800's - new brushes, new pigments - and discovered new ways to interpret what they saw. I see us, 100 years later, at the same point, but working with electronic color to produce new visions of the world around us. I use digital technology to go beyond the camera lens, revealing the ordinary images from our everyday like as really extraordinary events."

TANYA KOHN was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia and later emigrated to Ecuador. She studied plastic arts in Ecuador, the U.S.A., Switzerland and France, following which she was invited by the International Organization for Cultural Promotion of the Mexican Foreign Relations Ministry to present her first show in Mexico, and subsequently took up permanent residency. She has shown extensively in Museums throughout Mexico and South America.

The re-occuring theme of Kohn's paintings is nature: earth, sea , sky, or water. Both in content and technique her art reflects a spiritual quality in which the viewer is invited in to become a spectator. In her canvases and works on paper Kohn uses and often combines a variety of mediums and techniques to realize her intention: oil, mixed-media, serigraph, collage. Of her work she says, "Real, authentic artistic expression is, above all, introspection. It is an encounter with ones self. It is an intent to communicate something profound and yet personal."

CHARLOTTE SOMMER -LANDGRAF was born in Dresden and studied at the HFBK Dresden. She is well known throughout Europe as a sculptor and painter and her works are part of museum, corporate and private collections in Germany, France, Japan, and the UK. A widely known marble sculpture "Freeing Oneself" was created from within what was then Communist East Germany, one year befor the Berlin Wall came down. Since 1990 this large monument to freedom stands by the Elbe River.

More recently Ms. Landgraf, in collaboration with her husband Prof. Dr. Dr. Guenther Landgraf, national science-prize winner, has directed her talents to incorporating the digital medium in her work, thus combining her sculptural and painterly perspective and awareness in the creation of unique digital collages and limited edition prints. The mathematical formulas develped for printing her computer art were developed by her husband Prof. Landgraf. The resulting images, often architectural in nature, have an ethereal quality that projects their form into three-dimensional illusions of space. The subltle gradations and handling of color contribute greatly to the luminosity and visual impact of these often startling works.

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