Pictures of Life

An art exhibit featuring European Artists Karl-Heinz Irber, Monika Eggert, Margit C. Drescher and Inge Kellermeier.

Exhibit at Bock Gallery in Hollywood FL.

January 13, - February 14, 1998

Opening reception: Friday, January 16, 1998, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Contact: William or Christy Bock at 954-922-5933

Curators comments
From the powerful, abstract, expressionistic figures and landscapes of Karl-Heinz Irber to the flowers, winding country roads, and resident people and animals of artists Drescher, Eggert, and Kellermeier, "Pictures of Life" is a window into the lifes of 4 German artists and into humankinds' love of beauty and painting.

About the exhibit
"Pictures of Life" is an art exhibit presented by Bock Gallery. The art exhibit will feature artwork by Bavarian artists Inge Kellermeier from Plattling, Monika Egger from Waldmunchen, Karl-Heinz Irber from Waldmunchen and Hessen artist Margit C. Drescher from Dannstadt.

About the Artists

Karl-Heinz Irber
Karl-Heinz Irber was born on February 15, 1952 in the Southern part of Germany in the Bavarian Forest. He studied and worked with many talented artists; most notably Professor Hannes Weikert at the University of Munich and Professor Rudolf Kortokraks at Oskar Kokoschka's "School of Vision" in Tuscania. He has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA.

Artist Irber is hesitant to provide the viewer with any explanation of his creativity, except to say that his work is guided by spirit and flair and that he hopes viewers will be able to feel at home in experiencing his artwork. His powerful, expressive, and abstractly painted canvases deal with figures, landscapes, and primarily paint. Mr. Irber has an extensive exhibition record and is included in many prestigious collections.

Monika Eggert
Monika Eggert was born in 1943 in Waldmunchen/Bavarian Forest. She is married and the mother of 2 children. She has been painting all her life and enjoys all styles of music, particularly the opera, theatre,ballet, and circus. Ms. Eggert is leading a chorus and traveling with her husband through the world. She is fascinated and inspired by the people she meets on her journeys, their faces, their fates, and she loves all animals, especially cats and the variety and beauty of nature. She also enjoys the subject of still life, including window manaquins, chairs, kitchenware, and cloth. She also works in the media of pottery, making masks, bowls, and figures in shining colors. Monika's paintings are playful celebrations of people and animals interacting in a colorful world.

Margit C. Drescher
Ms. Drescher was born in 1942 in Ludwigshafen. In 1990 she began studying art at the art academy in Ludwigshafen, simultaneously attending private art classes under Reinhold Riedel. She participated in a painting symposium with Christel Abresch, a famous painter from Neustadt, and also studied under Detlef Rahn in Berlin and Frank Grossman, a professor at the University of modern Art in Speyer.

Ms. Drescher has participated in over 30 exhibitions. Currently, planned for 1998 are exhibits at St. Georges in France, Worlitz, Westerland/Sylt, and the Parliament in Mainz.

This is the first time her artwork will be exhibited in the United States, but not the last. She has already negotiated a contract with a prestigious New York gallery for April, 1998.

Margit paints in her studio in the tower of a castle in Lambsheim, where she is referred to as the tower painter of Rhineland/Palatinate. Her bright paintings of flowers and regional landscapes capture the charm of her surroundings.

Inge Kellermeier
Ms. Kellermeier is a self-taught artist whose love of flowers and tranquil landscapes is expressed in her sensitive paintings. She has exhibited in Mitterfels, Viechtach, St. Engleman, and Deggerdorf. Through paintings, Inge enjoys giviving and receiving pleasure.

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