Show opening at The Williams Gallery

Exploring the Landscape - Expanding Awareness

Paintings of Kenneth Layman and Rena Segal, Digital Photography of Susumu Endo, Sculpture by Rory Mahon.

When:   March 9 to April 13, 1996
        Opening: Saturday March 9, 3:00pm till 5:00 pm.
        Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm, and by appointment.
About The Exhibit:

The work of the four artists in this exhibit is directly related to nature and to each of their relationships with and interpretation of our universe.

About the Artists:


Susumu Endo, a photographer and printmaker, creates images of scenes in nature and in space. The images portray the trees, grasses, and organic elements of our environment. After years of successfully using manual photographic techniques, in 1982 Endo began allowing a computer system to aid in the task of creating his works. His photographic imagery is transferred to the computer, where he can change colors, reverse darks and lights, and modify the shapes until he arrives at his goal. His images seem not of this world, but display a skill and beauty that challenge our sense of reality. Within his "Space and Nature" and "Space and Space" series he embodies the abstract and the representational simultaneously. "I feel there are different levels of consciousness that we can have of space, all coexisting. I believe a strong image can find us entrance to the other, unseen world. " Mr. Endo resides in Tokoyo, Japan.


A resident of Nantucket Island, Kenneth Layman's masterfully executed oil paintings of eastern seaboard landscapes reflect his innermost feelings about the essence of this area in its unspoiled state He has recently expanded his horizons by exploring the American Southwest, producing works which capture his reaction to these far different surroundings, while retaining his unique sensitiviety to the "feeling" of the landscape. Examples of both his east coast and western paintings will be exhibited. Mr. Layman's work may be seen at the US Department of State and hang in American Embassies in Athen, Sao Paulo, Geneva, and New York, as wll as in numerous private collection including those of Saul Bellow, John Chancellor, Nelson Doubleday, and Peter Benchley.


Sculptor, Rory Mahon is deeply influenced by nature, and takes elements from the natural world and embellishes them with forms, designs and envionments that conjure up the present state of ourselves and our planet. He continues to explore the relationships between diverse materials - wood, metal and stone - and the results of viewing them in conjunction. The natural stone used in his work take on the role of our earth, and often the cast bronze structures in which they are encassed symbolize man's treatment of nature. His powerful and enduring works grace many collection throughout the United States. Mr. Mahon was technical head of sand casting at the Johnson Atelier, Trenton, NJ. He left the atelier after 14 years to establish his own foundry, where he continues to cast for himself and other noted sculptors. He is a resident of Pennington, New Jersey.


Painter Rena Segal captures the vibrant beauty of New Jersey landscapes with strong displays of gesture and color. Her oils and pastels in this show are based upon unstructured natural environments and radiate their own luminosity. She says, "The visible world is my point of departure to delve into my imagination, hidden thoughts and feelings." Ms. Segal earned her MFA in1977 at Rutgers, and has exhibited widely in New Jersey, New York City, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and New England. This is her second exhibit at The Williams Gallery of Princeton. Her work is featured in many important collections including those of the Weismann Foundation of Los Angeles, Chase Manhattan Bank, NYC, Pepsico, New York, Mr.&Mrs. Abba Eban, Israel, Bristol Myers Squibb, PSE&G, and Paul Jenkins of New York City.

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