Show opening at The Williams Gallery

Digital Celebration - One year on the World Wide Web

Fine art prints by Barbara Nessim and Barbara Joffe

When:   June 4 - July 13, 1996
        Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm, and by appointment.
        Contact: Mary Lou Bock
About The Exhibit:

Celebrating the first anniversary of The Williams Gallery web-site of works by Barbara Nessim, and introducing the work of our new "Featured Artist" of the month, Barbara Joffe. Works by both artists will be shown at The Williams Gallery in Princeton.

The exhibition will include, among other work, "The Flag Series", 4 new limited edition Iris prints by Barbara Nessim produced in collaboration with The Williams Gallery; and by Barbara Joffee: 3 high quality photographic prints, and 2 Iris prints produced by Nash Editions.

About the Artists:

Barbara Nessim

Flag #1, Copyright 1995 Barbara Nessim.
Barbara Nessim is an internationally known artist and educator whose works are in many public and private collections and have been shown in museums and galleries worldwide. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Sweden, the Smithsonian, The Kunst Museum in Dusseldorf, the Museum of Modern Art in Budapest, and was exhibited in the Louvre in Paris. It has also appeared in publications such as Omni, L.A. Style, Esquire, and Newsweek, and on the covers of Time, Rolling Stone and Germany's prestigious Frankfurter Allgemine Magazine.

People and their interaction with society are the major theme in Nessim's work. She states, "The four prints of the "Flag Series" are based on life viewed from windows of color. The American flag appears as a ghost image in the background of each print. Nessim has been creating electronic art since 1980, and has lectured widely on the subject. In July of 1992 she was appointed Chair of the Illustration Department at Parsons School of Design in New York.

Barbara Joffe

This month's "Featured Artist" on the Williams Gallery web site, Joffee's work has been exhibited widely in the United States, Europe and Australia. A practicing artist in traditional media, her professional involvement with computers led to her artwork transitioning to the electronic medium. Her fanciful visual vocabulary is a result of what she calls her "technophile tendencies" causing the computer to become "my favorite tool for staging the quirky complexity I percieve as modern life".

Created by scanning her original drawings, the works are manipulated and layered with intricate textural transparencies using Time Art's Lumena software. The paintings emerge as limited edtion prints, output with both photographic and state of the art printing techniques.

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